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Personal & Honest

From December 2023 there will be small changes at Naturhaus Loacker ... 

Small changes create a new feeling of living ...
With the intention of making our apartments even more comfortable for our guests, we have modified a few little things with a lot of finesse, care, love and passion. We hope you like it!

In future, there will be no television in Naturhaus Loacker. 
Instead, at Naturhaus Loacker you will find lots of warmth, tranquillity, books, games and, within a few minutes' walk, a natural backdrop that is a treat for your soul.

We think about tomorrow ...

In many small steps towards a better quality of life for people, animals and the environment ... we strive to keep the ecological footprint of Naturhaus Loacker as small as possible in order to preserve the purity of our nature: by using natural materials, natural cosmetics from Lech in recyclable PET bottles, environmentally friendly hygiene products, ECO slippers made of bamboo fibre, dishwashing tabs made of bio-based raw materials & EU Ecolabel and environmentally friendly cleaning with micro dry steam in order to protect not only our environment but also the health of our guests and staff.  At the same time, we benefit from a 90% water saving. By deciding to wash our laundry at the Naturhaus Loacker, we avoid transport routes and decide for ourselves how and with which products to wash. 
We invite you to see nature with different eyes!