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Sky Space Lech James Turrell

Sky and earth

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Light art can only be seen during sunrise and sunset times. Since the cupola must be open for this concept, good weather conditions are necessary.

During the day and good weather conditions (no showers) the cupola of the Skyspace stays opened. During this time visitors are invited to watch the changing skys combined with the moving light cone of the sun moving along the wall of the sensing room.

During bad weather times the cupola is closed and a second light art program will be performed. This second program creates a Ganzfeld – Effect at the area of the cupola.

James Turrell

The world-famous American artist James Turrell designed a Lightroom where
sky and earth seem to encounter one another from a new point of view in the
high alpine landscape of Lech.
Sky Space Lech James Turrell
Sky Space Lech James Turrell
Sky Space Lech James Turrell
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